Noam's Website About Software


Hi, my name is Noam Gagliardi-Rabinovich and I like writing programs. I'm currently building a thing for Vox Pop Labs.

This is a picture of me receiving a sock as a holiday gift:


Technical Wikis

Wikis I use to keep notes and info about different topics.

  • Main Wiki: Practical notes and tutorials on programming, sysadmin, languages, etc. (last updated 2017-01-12)
  • Ad Networks: Notes on RTB ad networks. (last updated 2017-01-11)

Non-Tech Wikis

Some of my stuff that's not tech related:

  • Poems (last updated 2017-01-14)
  • Random: random snippets about anything that comes to mind. (last updated 2017-02-11)
  • Quotes And Notes: quotes and excerpts I like, sometimes with a personal note. (last updated 2017-02-07)
  • My Twitter

Picture of me my girlfriend drew:


(She designs stuff and her portfolio is here.)

Contract / Consulting Work

Current availability: unavailable Dec-June.

I focus on simple, stable code that is fully documented and tested. I provide "full stack" solutions: I've experience working on APIs, live notification systems, recommendations, single page web applications, various data processing programs.

Technologies: Elixir / Phoenix, OTP, Ruby / Rails, React, Javascript, Node.js, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, HTML/CSS, Git, Linux.

My Focus:

  • Simplicity and stability.
  • Choose the right tools for the job.
  • Efficiency and predictability in process (Kanban).
  • Break down projects into smallest deliverable chunks with realistic timelines.

See my resume here and contact me here.