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Stuff I Recommend

This is a list of my 100% must-reads. For more cool/useful stuff I find, follow the recommendations tag.

Video Talks

  • Justice: What’s the Right Thing To Do?. Amazing Harvard lecture series on Ethics that got me into the subject.
  • Robert Sapolsky: The Biology of Human Behavior. Stanford lecture series. Are you in control of your decisions and personality? Maybe not as much as you think.
  • Everything is a Remix. “There be nothing new, but that which is Hath been before…” (Free) documentary on the history of stealing ideas, and how the current reinterpretation of IP / copyright laws stand in the way of innovation, not help it.
  • The Story Of Maths (4 part series).
  • The Human Animal.
  • Untold History Of The United Stated (series on Netflix).


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