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A Bird By The Window

acu riousblue li ttlewing
i sawta pingon mywindow
like asif onstrings sheelin gered
glo wingsof tlyin thesun

sowith myfin geri tappedtoo
what afun andglad somejoy
theli ttleblue birdsang asong
tobuoy myheart andbring mecheer

not thenlong shestar tedflying
there andhere andca lingmee
pla yingcir clesin thesky
andsaid sheedlike toplay withme:

oh penup andcome outside!
oh penup and chaseme!

idlike tojoin itlooks likefun
but alas ican notopen:

oh penup youwill enjoyit!
and thebreeze isso inviting!
and thesun doesshine sobright-ly
and thetrees arein fullbloom
and thefruits andbugs and juicy warms
and the earth smells fresh like after a storm
and freedom
and freedom is a
freedom is the
freedom is to