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I Wouldn't Mind Floating Downstream

"I would not mind floating downstream;
End up among the fish and whales.

Of the ocean waters, dark and deep,
I'm not afraid, for I do know
That, once you've lived among the corals,
The muddy currents, pebbles and rocks,
And parlous contours of the stream
Against whose tide you'd rather swim
Are banes you'll gladly leave behind;

For deep at sea you're not confined
By rocks and edges that grind and rasp--
The river's water may be sweet,
But just as sweet, the river's shallow;
I'd rather down its torrent follow,
Follow to the salted sea."

(At this you quickly sipped your tea)

"Yes, in the sea I'll freely trace
The peaceful ebbs of open space,
More free than any shallow stream;
As free as logic in a dream."

Again you sipped, and leaned, and laughed,
Then played a moment with your scarf;
And I suspect you did agree.

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