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Computer Science Articles / Books


Title Format Notes
Build Your Own Text Editor HTML Really great tutorial (and introduction to C programming and terminal programming).
Data Structures For Text Sequences PDF
Handmade hero YouTube series Dude builds a complete release-quality video game from scratch in minimal subset of C++ before your very eyes.
Online Computer Science Courses With Video Lectures HTML (community git) Giant collection of free video lectures.
The Linux Programming Interface BOOK If you want to program Linux seriously, get this.


Title Format Notes
Efficient Data Structures for Tamper-Evident Logging (PDF) Youtube talk here
Cryptographic Data Structures HTML


Title Format Notes
Back To Basics: Generational Garbage Collection HTML
Compiler Design In C BOOK Out of print. One of the best programming books I’ve come across. GET IT!

See also here for examples with Erlang VM GC.

Low Level Programming

Title Format Notes
Embedded Systems: Introduction To ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers (5th Ed.) BOOK
Computer Systems: A Programming Perspective, (2nd Ed.) BOOK See next resource for complementary video lectres
Introduction To Computer Systems (Carnegie Mellon University) video lectures Closely follows the book “Computer Systems: A Programming Perspective”
21st Century C (2nd Ed.) BOOK

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