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Elixir/Erlang Resources


Title Notes
Elixir In Action (book) My go-to recommendation for getting started with Elixir.
Writing A Blog Engine in Phoenix Great first tutorial for Phoenix framework
Erlang In Anger Great guide for when stuff goes bad.

Memory / GC

For articles on GC / compilers in general see compilers section.

Title Notes
Erlang Scheduler Details and Why It Matters
Erlang Garbage Collection Details and Why It Matters Simple introduction to Erlang GC concepts. Start here.
Erlang 19.0 Garbage Collector
Erlang Efficiency Guide
Erlang Binary Garbage Collection: A love/hate relationship Some findings on the shared heap GC.


Title Notes
How Erlang does scheduling
Characterizing the Scalability of Erlang VM on Many-core Processors (pdf)


Title Notes
Elixir RAM And The Template Of Doom
Elixir and IO Lists, Part 1: Building Output Efficiently

Performance Tips

Don’t have processes the many other processes depend on. For example, a single-process cache that many others call to. This will be a bottleneck because you’ll always have to wait for that process’s turn from the scheduler.

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