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Conway's Game Of Life In 298 Characters Of Julia

Yesterday I got distracted playing around with Julia and ended up making this little Conway’s Game of Life. Would fit into a tweet if not for the pretty-printing / animation loop!.

Works using matrix operations. Parameters by line (uppercase are matrices):

  1. d = size of board (dxd).
  2. S game / map state in 1 and 0 values for on/off.
  3. U = shift board up if left-multiplied, right if right-multiplied. D = down, left.
  4. Clears screen between animation loops.
  5. c = value of each cell is how many neighbors in S.
  6. Prettyprint each row in S.

You can also change how many generations it will go through (99 currently).

a=1:d;S=[rand(1:5)==1?1:0 for r=a,c=a]
x=(o,t)->[r==o(c,1)||r==t(c,d-1)?1:0 for r=a,c=a];U=x(-,+);D=x(+,-)
for i=1:99;print("\e[2J")
for i=a;foldl((p,x)->p*(x==1?"█":".")," ",S[i,a])|>println;end;sleep(0.5);end

Tags: featured , julialang , conway , automata